Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where do you see true Bhutan?

There is a vast difference between the lifestyles of people living in eastern Bhutan and other parts of our country. Coming here, a person can know a real value of life. A meaningful life exists where someone spends their time doing some significant things. Kanglung is a place where it holds the people who solely work each day to survive. Even a small child knows the daily routines of his works beside the daily schedules of the school. Each minute they have something great to do. They could hardly think about leisure time and fun moments. Day time would be their busy hours with their books and the moment night falls, students walk off their home selling vegetables. Weekends for them are meant for their household chores and other works, not the resting days. I feel best future citizens will mostly come from eastern Bhutan because they are trained to work hard since their childhood. They will already have skills to various works where others children have to learn.
Life could be too precious to waste by indulging ourselves in awful activities. So knowing the reward of hard works and, self reminding ourselves is the best thing we could to in our growing stage. Self awareness and mindfulness should be the main attitude that we should carry with us every time. Today as I stand on the threshold of a new place and the new environment, I aspire for my future with great hope and optimism. I have encountered diverse cultures, and the value of labour life in the eastern side. I got inspired by the little kids who come in the traditional dresses even when they are selling vegetables. They preserve their identity as a Bhutanese. I feel they are not doing so, only out of patriotism but they have the pride of being a Bhutanese. They know that a small contribution to their families could bring a huge happiness and a help to everyone in the family. They know the essence of life. Children living in eastern Bhutan are well educated not only in terms of information and books knowledge but they are culturally well informed. If one should know a true Bhutan and the true Bhutanese they should probably visit the eastern part. The journey to true Bhutan begins and ends here in eastern Bhutan. Though the people live with simplicity and hardship, but they have the attitude of true Bhutanese.

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